PARIS Parallel Rocket launch System

'PARIS' can be taken as an acronym for Parallel Rocket launch System, Parallel Rocket Integration System, or Parallel Rocket-Ignition System.

Basically, in its original form, the idea is the product of combining the Delta IV Heavy growth options to the Ares V core stage.

All tanks and engines burn from the beginning until the tank is spent. This dispenses the need for ullage engines, and ensures engine reliability.

Using extended versions of the Shuttle External Tanks, a Paris VII launch vehicle will just fit through the VAB doors with about 3-inches either side.

This is probably the biggest rocket possible that can be easily assembled in the VAB, transported on the crawler, and uses current tank and engine designs.

Such a rocket may be the cheapest and quickest route to a 500+ tonne class launcher possibly required for a 'killer-asteroid' interception mission.

The system above assumes Hydrogen/Oxygen propellant with a cluster of 7 RS-68 engines underneath each tank.

A Kerosene/Oxygen version could use either a cluster of 7 RS-84 engines, or cheaper Russian RD-170 engines in clusters of 4.

The latter system would work as below (each RD-170 engine has 4 rocket nozzles):

Such a launch vehicle would produce about 7 times as much thrust as the Saturn V on lift-off. It would also be about 7 times as heavy. Therefore, at best it may lift about 7 times the Saturn V's payload, or 900 tonnes.


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